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Testing Fundamentals for Software Engineers  (TFSE)

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United Certifications - Testing Fundamentals for Software Engineers

If you want to become a true, well-rounded software creator and understand the basis of QA and testing, then you are in the right place. Throughout this 3-day training, you will learn everything you need to know to start or enhance the quality of your software, or at least better understand the roles of your team members who are responsible for ensuring it.


What you will learn?

  • Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Testing

  • Chapter 2: Having the Right Focus for Testing

  • Chapter 3: The Eight Test Practices

  • Chapter 4: Quality Attributes, focusing on Security, Usability, and Performance


After this training, you will

  • Understand practical issues about testing and quality.

  • Understand the basics of testing and quality.

  • Knowing the prerequisites and fundamentals for conducting a good test.

  • Learn many different approaches to improving quality.

  • Learn several different ways to create a test script.

  • Learn some definitions of testing as they are also used in common methodologies.


Who should attend?

UC-TFSE is for anyone in the IT industry who wants to understand the basics of Software Testing and Quality Assurance. This course has been created by engineers who have gained a passion for QA with the intent to pass on this practical knowledge to people that are starting their careers as software engineers as well as anyone who is already working as a developer or administrator. UC-TFSE will inspire the participants with practical exercises that are based on real-life experiences the authors have gained throughout their software engineering projects. This course is valuable to any software development team that is looking to improve the quality of their software. 

Important note: this course does not replace the ISTQB CTFL for anyone wishing to pursue any further certifications in the area of the ISTQB (for this the CTFL certificate will be required). If you get inspired to take the leap into software testing, we highly recommend you continue with the global standard courses of ISTQB. 


Unique benefits:

  • a unique course created by professionals who worked initially as software engineers and experienced the importance of QA firsthand. 

  • Globally recognized certificate.

  • Learning by doing hands-on exercises that have been created by global experts.


There are no requirements for joining this course. Anyone interested in a better understanding of QA and testing is welcome to join and learn.

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